Welcome :)

Welcome to my first blog adventure. I have been inspired to create this thanks to my favorite website, Pinterest. It has turned me into a cooking, picture-taking, dating (with my hubby) machine. I will be documenting all recipes I found and love, the dates my hubby and I go on, and my daily pictures from the challenges floating around the internet and Instagram. I hope you enjoy and can steal an idea or 50  🙂

All about Me:

  • Been married to a wonderful man named Luke for 4 years this November.
  • Stepmother to a wonderful almost 9(!) year old daughter named Arianna.
  • I am known as a walking TV Guide, I have two DVRs and still barely have enough room for all the shows I love.
  • I am ULTRA competitive.
  • I love to read a good book.
  • I am most definitely a homebody, it is in my Cancer nature.

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