July Photo Lists

July 1st– Self Portrait, Who I am, Read

July 2nd– Disney, Something You Forgot, Busy

July 3rd– Best Part of Your Day, Reflection, Mirror

July 4th– Fun, Celebrate, Fireworks

July 5th– On the Floor, Sandwich, Summer Attire

July 6th– Chair, Sticker, Kiss

July 7th– Garden, Draw, Self Portrait + 1 Truth

July 8th– Lunch, Game, Motion/Blur

July 9th– Big, Classic, Something Hot

July 10th– Your Favorite Color, Keys, Something Cold

July 11th– Letter, Share, Favorite Picture

July 12th– Texture, Fashion, Simple

July 13th– Open, Live, Today’s Hair

July 14th– Building, Collect, Triangle

July 15th– Finger, Yellow, Close Up

July 16th– Sign, Ice Cream, Today’s Shoes

July 17th– Your Addiction, Sexy, Technology

July 18th– Plate, Backwards, From a Distance

July 19th– Animal/Insect/Pet, Vacation, Favorite Food

July 20th– Eyes, Drink, Abstract

July 21st– 9 O’Clock, Junk, Relaxing

July 22nd– Upside Down, Candle, Sunset

July 23rd– Mirror, Drive, Monday

July 24th– A Stranger, App, Drive-Thru

July 25th– Heart, Snacks, Fruit

July 26th– Sunshine, New, Vegetable

July 27th– On the Road, Olympics, Bridge

July 28th– Cup, Fun, Someone You Miss

July 29th– Last Thing You Bought, Recipe, Dark

July 30th– Calm, Store, Desert

July 31st– Toothbrush, Screenshot, Goodnight


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