Date Nights

After having an important conversation with someone I love very much (no not my husband) I started to realize how important it is to keep the love alive in my marriage. I have gotten so stuck in a routine that life is starting to get a little boring for my poor hubby (myself as well if I have to be honest). That is where these new date nights come in.

About a year and a half ago I ordered these date cards online, we got through two before going back to the routine. I have decided we are starting them back up as well as getting creative and doing our own dates. Thanks to Pinterest I have enough date night ideas to last a while. I am going to list each date idea, the details, and pictures of my husband and I enjoying ourselves (mind out of the gutter!) in hopes that we can get other couples out of their routine and bring some fun back into their relationships as well as our own.

We are forever on a budget so most of these dates will not cost much with the exceptions of a few that we may splurge on so anyone can do them 🙂

Let’s get dating!!!


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