Impromptu Date Night

25 Jul

During our last date night we had our friends pick out our next date night card and the one they randomly picked was a nice, romantic one. It said to take some beach chairs, appetizers, and wine to watch the sunset. We had been so busy that we hadn’t found the time to actually be able to watch the sunset. On Monday I had a long and stressful day at work so Luke decided to surprise me with the date night card. I got a text to park my car and walk along the railroad tracks to meet him. He has set up a blanket with candles and rose petals, our beach chairs, some Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne, and my favorite sushi roll from Hog Snapper. I was beyond excited for this date, not only were all my favorite things there but it was a reason to try out the new camera I got for my birthday. After about 45 minutes in, before the sun was setting, up walks a police officer telling us we were trespassing and that we need to collect our things and leave. At first he was a bit of a butthead but once Luke showed him our date card he lightened up a bit, he still kicked us out though :(…..Needless to say we actually didn’t get to watch the sunset but I still think it was a very successful date night and major props to my husband for the romantic date 🙂


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