Together Let’s….Build a blanket fort

6 Jul

Hubby and I recently got into the show Breaking Bad, we watched seasons 1-3 in about a month and needed to get through season 4 before the new one starts this month. We were able to watch 1-3 instantly on Netflix but season 4 wasn’t available that way and the wait for it was so long we couldn’t wait. I texted Luke from work telling him we were going to build a blanket fort and watch a couple episodes on the computer, little did I know that “build a blanket fort” was on our list of things to do together, perfect!! After about 45 minutes of Luke trying to make the computer picture show up on our big tv I had him give up and we watched from our computer. Popcorn, wine, blanket fort, and Breaking Bad….good night of relaxation  🙂


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