Date Nights circa 2010

29 Jun

So I just went to my Facebook so I could post the dates that we did when we first got our date cards and realized it was around Christmas 2010! So sad that it was that long ago!!!

Date #1: Have breakfast for dinner, either at home or in a diner

We choose at home, Luke loves cooking breakfast….Ignore his silly look in the picture, he tends to be a goofball…one of the many reasons I love him 🙂 Oh and the apples: we got a apple shot glass corer and he had to try it. It turned the apples into shot glasses, fun for about 5 seconds but not as exciting as we thought it would be!

Date #2: Read a stack of your favorite comic books while chewing piles of bubble gum.

When I was younger I was OBSESSED with Archie comics, every time I went to Publix with my Mom I begged her to buy me one. To this day I still read the comics section of the newspaper, gives me a laugh for the day. This date was definitely more up my alley than Luke’s!


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